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Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Release dates:
  • NA - Dec, 1996
  • Japan - Dec, 1995
  • Europe - Apr, 1997
Genre: Console role-playing game
ESRB rating: T
  • PlayStation
  • Playstation Portable
  • 1 CD-ROM (PSX)

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[edit] Plot

Suikoden is the tale of the 108 Stars of Destiny and their fight to liberate their land from an evil that is threatening to consume everything.

The hero of the game is officially dubbed as Tir McDohl. Joined by his loyal protector Gremio, and other household staff, he embarks upon a mission for the Scarlet Moon Empire to visit a seer on Magician's Isle. This fateful visit inevitably leads him on a course of fate that sees him joining with the Liberation Army to battle against the powerful Lady Windy who seeks the True Soul Eater Rune that Tir's friend, Ted currently holds and has held for the past 300 years.

[edit] Gameplay

Suikoden is a roleplaying game and as such the player will take on the role of the mute hero, which they will get to name. Konami's official name for the hero is Tir, and as such that is what he will be referred to within this Wiki.

Exploration is conducted on a field map whereby random encounters may be engaged in dungeons and within the world map. The player may converse with non-player characters (NPCs) to find out more information about what the next task is, and where they should be going. The structure of the game follows a linear path where the storyline must be followed to progress the gameplay at most points.

Recruition of the 108 Stars of Destiny is crucial to obtaining the best ending to the game, however this is entirely optional and a lot of characters can go missed, or unrecruited. Each specific character that is not storyline related has certain criteria that will need to be met in order to have them gain your entourage. Most characters are unique and have individual skills and runes. Some even assist with the growth and management of your headquarters.

Once the player gains the headquarters they will be prompted to name both it and their army. Each character then recruited to the headquarters can assist in such things as battle party, running the inn, running other stores and allowing the player access to various mini games. As more members are enlisted, the headquarters will expand and take on different, more advanced appearances.

Battle is conducted in an isometric field view which is entirely turn based. The turn order of characters is determined entirely by their speed, against that of the enemies. Characters may attack individually, use magical Runes, items or even unite with those they have a relationship with to conduct a powerful attack that can often devestate the enemy.

[edit] Audio

[edit] Development

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