Milich Oppenheimer

[edit] Other Facts

Milich's home in Gregminster is filled with various items of clothing - him being the fashion connosior that he is. A list follows detailing the items;

- Green suspenders - Rainbow-coloured pantaloons - Orange tights - Hemmed red cape - Lame tuxedo - Big feathered hat - Floral shirt - Leopard patterned cape - Pink boots - Checkered beret - Fruit-printed tie - Fine fur cape with sapphires - Leather jacket with rivets, spikes and safety pins - Triangular hat - Negligee - Sea otter T-shirt - Striped slacks - See-through body suit - Watermelon patterned summer sweater - Khaki riding pants with golden butterfly embroidery - Elegant party dress with peacock feathers - Very long hand-woven scarf - Black-and-red half coat - Peppermint green blazer

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