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The Toran Region (Formerly Scarlet Moon Empire)

The world of Suikoden is centred around Toran Lake, with rocky, uninhabitable mountains to both the east and west.

A border is shared with the city state of Jowston to the north, and the former Kooluk Empire to the south (Which is even now considered to belong to the Toran Republic).

Methods of transportation are limited generally to either walking, or travelling by boat (over water). The Dragon Knights have the exclusive use of dragons for travel, and the capital of Gregminster has armoured calvary that can be utilized if necessary. Travel becomes much simpler once Viki is recruited as she can teleport your party to any previously visited location in the region (and return via the use of a particular key item).

[edit] Gregminster

Gregminster Square

The city of Gregminster is the official capital of the Scarlet Moon Empire and even after it's liberation, remains the central location for missionaries and the centre of trade for the Toran Republic. Made rich by the success of it's father, the capital of Gregminster houses the likes of the Imperial Guard as well as the upper class citizenary of the country. As far as trade goes, Gregminster houses an Inn, Item Store, Appraiser, Rune Store and an Armor Shop to which a variety of useful items can be assessed, purchased or sold. In the centre square of the city is a large golden fountain of a woman with a pitcher overflowing with water. Gregminster also serves as the home for Emperor Barbarossa and his loyal court magician Lady Windy.

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