Headquarters Suikoden

The headquarters is a central location where all recruited Stars of Destiny will gather to rest up and banter between battles.

The base for the headquarters in Suikoden is Lake Toran Fortress which was, until recently, inhabited by a dragon. Once the dragon is defeated, the party are quick to turn the abandoned fortress into a servicable stronghold.

Within the headquarters the player may converse with all the other recruited characters as well as shop, rest and play mini games. In this title, the only people that will inhabit the headquarters are those you recruit. This was expanded on in later titles to include non-playable characters as well to give a more fleshed out feel to the headquarters.

It is also to be noted that the dialogue of the individual characters do not change with the passing of events, as is the case in later titles, so you will find that multiple visits to the same person at different points of the game will, unfortunately, not merit any new string of conversation. None-the-less, the feeling of kinship and belonging remains strong.

The headquarters has four development stages which is governed by the number of recruits that you have had migrate. With each upgrade, more wings are opened, and the establishment feel more large and homely.

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